Zukowski Law Offices has built its reputation in the representation of governmental bodies and transactional clients. The firm has for many years enjoyed a state-wide reputation. The firm is committed to furnishing experienced, aggressive, innovative and high quality legal representation that is cost effective.

Our attention to detail and thoroughness in preparation has earned us a reputation for excellence. The firm engages in a comprehensive and technical approach generally associated with the practice of larger firms.

The firm further distinguishes itself from larger specialized law firms in that Zukowski Law Offices possesses a local presence in north central Illinois. This allows us to build client relationships, which are characterized by flexibility, responsiveness, and continuity; qualities which are the strength of a focused, smaller firm.

Unlike some other law firms, at Zukowski Law Offices, you are known by your name, not by your file number. We return most telephone calls the same business day, as well as maintain a certain number of hours every week for last minute appointments.


March 17, 2011 - Zukowski to Speak to LaSalle ROE

March 23, 2011 - Zukowski to Present on Asset Protection

May 10, 2011 - Zukowski to Speak to IASA


· James Peters Speaks on Business Formation at Community College

· Humpage Presents at Regional Office Principal's Program

· Zukowski Reappointed to State Bar Council

· Peter's Reappointed to State Bar Council

· Bunker Joins Law Firm

· Zukowski Has Article Published in State Bar Newsletter

· Zukowski Has Article Published in School Board Journal

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